Revealed below: How I Went From an Anorexic, Frustrated Virgin to Sleeping With Women of My Wildest Dreams!

Attention Men:


How to instantly jumpstart the quality of your dating life... simply by tweaking an inherent aspect of your personality. 

Here’s how to meet and date the kind of women you’ve always wanted:

Dear Friend,

My name is Damien, and until very recently, I was your average, frustrated, virgin.

I believed for a very long time that the way to a woman's heart was through kindness and gifts. You see, I was raised by a single mother who always said that girls are attracted to guys with big brains and not big muscles and that the door to her heart is through flattery and generosity... It took me a while to understand that this was actually... A BIG FAT LIE!

But before I realized that "nice guys" don't get the girl, however, I had to go through a dozen heartbreaks and countless sleepless nights. The never-ending failures to get girls eventually led me to believe that I was meant to die a virgin...

I swear... That's what I actually believed for a very long time. I even considered becoming a monk and live a life of celibacy. It is safe to say that the constant rejections had taken its toll...

Doesn't it drive you nuts?

I had no luck with girls whatsoever, even after years of trying to "improve" myself and adjust to their preferences, I simply couldn't hook up with a single girl... The first kiss that I ever got was when I was 18 years old! And it turned out that she had lost a bet...

I had lost all hope of ever getting a girlfriend.

Let alone, of losing my virginity...

Fortunately, I Was The Kind Of Guy Who Would Bitch A Lot!

And that's how my life changed:

I was visiting my Uncle in Colombia and as we were having a few beers watching the sunset, my Uncle began telling me of a hot little mamasita that he was seeing. As he finished describing the shape of her body, he turned to me and asked: "how's youngster life treating you? Getting more girls than you know what to do with?"

I took a deep breath and began a long rant, describing my disgust with girls who didn't appreciate nice guys like me but always chose the bullies! How nothing I was doing ever got me close to even a kiss, and how tired I was of being "friend-zoned" all the time!

-"You're not still a virgin, are you!?" My Uncle asked.

I was ashamed to say that I was.

-"So, you think that the girls are treating you unfairly?" My Uncle asked.

-"Yes!" I shouted.

-"Why do you think that is?"

-"I have no idea! I have done everything that everyone keeps telling me is the right thing to do and still I haven't even gotten a kiss!

-"And what's the 'right' thing to do?"

-"Treat girls with respect, show them that you care and be nice..." I barely finished my sentence when my Uncle interfered:

-"There's your problem!"

-"What"? I still didn't understand

-"This 'nice guy' stuff that you're talking about, there's your problem."

-"I shouldn't be nice to girls?" I was confused.

-"You should."

-"So what is it that I'm doing wrong!?"

My uncle saw how clueless I really was. It was going to be a long conversation.

-"Go to bed, we'll talk in the morning." He put out his cigarette and went to bed, leaving me with the biggest anticipation of my life!

Needless to say, I couldn't sleep all night...

My Uncle finally sat down with me the next day and we talked for almost seven straight hours. When he had finished talking I had finally understood... and it was so simple...

I Went From Being A Virgin To Sleeping With Thirteen Women In Less Than A Year!

And it just gets better and better! My approach anxiety disappeared completely...and I became absolutely fearless, going after every girl I desired almost as if I had been given magical powers.

But it's not magic at all!

You see, the foundation that my Uncle lay forth that morning had almost nothing to do with magic... but everything to do with basic human nature!

I took the foundations of my Uncle, developed, and worked on them for over ten, painful years, while applying it to real life, day in and day out. And not only has it worked...

It has proven to work even better than any book that I had ever read!

I have now developed a completely new kind of book that is so easy to read and implement, is so ingeniously crafted and gives such fast results that I am counting on that every serious man worldwide are going to have one in their library within just a year or two.

Introducing: MAN'S MANIFESTO: Your No-Bull&#! Guide For Success With Women

Here’s a sample of some of the great things you’ll learn in my informative book:

  • What women desperately want from men (but will never come out and tell you)! Explains what she craves from you (and probably isn't getting)... and why the erotic rewards of correcting this “sexual error' will take your breath away!
  • The number 1 most prevalent reason why most guys cannot sustain a relationship, even after they get the girl!
  • The simple way to become self-aware.
  • Proven way to get girls approach you regardless of your looks, age, or social status!
  • A simple trick to get girls on campus. (Works 9 times out of 10!)
  • How to attain the confidence of a movie star! (This simple way will have you project so much confidence that you will have women CHASE you like an ACTUAL movie star!)
  • Why you shouldn't take her out to a restaurant on your first date! (And much better spots to take her instead!)
  • Lifehack to spot the slutty girls! (And three easy traits that will tell you exactly everything you'll need to know about her!)
  • How to plant your image into her subconscious... (So that she'll never forget you... Not even after years of not seeing each other!)
  • The proper way of text messaging. (And why everything that you have been told about text messaging is WRONG!)
  • How to guarantee your partner an “over-the-top” orgasm... every time you make love!
  • How you get her addicted to you! (To the point where you will have to block her from your contacts list just so that she'll stop calling you!)
  • The truth about what women ACTUALLY want! (And why you have been made to believe otherwise!)
  • Simple way to rewire your brain to become irresistible to women just by implementing a few simple techniques used by "naturals" around the world for centuries!
  • How you can get out of your comfort zone without having a mental breakdown! (Included in the book are simple exercises that will liberate you from your comfort zone never to step back!)
  • The difference between The Gentleman and the “Nice Guy”. (And why you should never have to chose between the two!)
  • Why buying her gifts and doing her favor has been working against you. (You SHOULD be nice to girls! You're just doing it wrong!)
  • Why the “nice guy” always finishes last (no, not in bed)
  • Why you should not read another “pickup book"... (Or take advice from any "sex-gurus" ever again!)
  • The single most prevalent reason why guys get dumped. (And don't have a clue!)
  • The number one reason that she will cheat on you. (And what you can do to never have a girl break your heart again!)
  • Why and when you should watch porn! (Can too much of a good thing really be a bad thing?)
  • How I got the number of two famous actresses! (No, it didn't involve drugs or alcohol!)
  • What button to push when interacting with really hot girls. (And how to make HER seek validation from YOU and not the other way around!)
  • Why the "bad boys" are getting all the girls! (And what you can do to snatch them away from them!)
  • Why your looks don’t matter! (And how to overcome rejection by implementing a simple trick for her to forget your looks!)
  • Learn the secrets behind the "THREE QUESTION APPROACH" that will fill your phonebook with more number than you'll know what to do with!
  • Why "pickup" books do you more harm than good. And why you should stop reading them once and for all.
  • How to avoid the "friend-zone" and why most guys fail to understand why they get "friend-zoned".
  • How you can attract women using your natural abilities, regardless of your looks or financial status.
  • Amazing trick that instantly eliminates “performance anxiety” in men!
  • 25 ways to know she's interested - compiled by women themselves! (Plus... the SINGLE most important thing you 
can do to win her love forever... and the worst sin you could ever commit – an unforgivable act that can destroy your love life!)
  • How to replenish (and manage) a steady new flood of fresh, youthful testosterone... allowing you to finally experience more frequent, more intense, and more pleasurable orgasms!
  • Astonishing “success patterns” that actually give physically unattractive men a huge romantic advantage with women over the good-looking “bad boys”!
  • What women really want you to do to them in bed... And why they will never tell you! (Even after years of knowing you!)
  • The honest truth about "pick-up lines" and what the best "pick-up line" in the world is! (It is nothing that you have ever heard before!)
  • Get over your approach anxiety by following a few simple tricks. (Guaranteed to work every time!)
  • And much, much more...

It Took Me 10 Years Of Heartbreaks...

... and many sleepless nights along the way to finish the development of Man's Manifesto: Your No-Bull&#! Guide For Success With Women, which is so unique that I have sold over 7000 copies just by words of mouth. Here's what some of those customers are saying:

Where do I begin? Once in a while, you stumble across something that leaves such a profound impact on you that you are left wondering how you could not have discovered it earlier! Well, I am happy to say that "Man's Manifesto" is that thing! This book left me speechless. It is so bold and unapologetic that it is difficult to stop, even when you end up in the middle of the night, wanting more, as I did!

The self-awareness test in the beginning of the book was a very nice touch, and together with the exercises for overcoming the fear of rejection, really does put you in a whole different perspective!

I am very glad that my friend urged me to read "Man's Manifesto"! It is a game changer!

James, Orlando

Living in Sweden, I can relate to EVERYTHING that Damien is talking about in "Man's Manifesto". It is so easy to forget that we have a natural ability within us to attract women. Especially when you live in an age where women are encouraged to be men and vice versa!

This book has opened my eyes on so many fronts. Thank you, Damien.

I have recommended your book to everyone I know!

Carl, Stockholm

I just have one word... WOW!

Hans, Munich

You need to translate the book to Russian so that all of my friends can read it!

Spasibo, Damien!

Vladimir, Moscow

Growing up in an Asian family with my father being submissive to my mother, it has been very difficult to break free from this philosophy of the male servant. Luckily, I have friends that recommended 'Man's Manifesto', and I am very fortunate to have read it. I know it might sound exaggerated, but it has been 65 days since I read it, and it has literally changed my life. I have never had so much confidence and never had so much sex in my 32 years on this planet! Thank you so much for spreading your knowledge, Damien! You are truly an inspiration! I am forcing all of my friends to read this book! Cheers!

Kim, Wisconsin

Damien, if you ever come to Chicago I will personally be your chauffeur and buy you drinks!

I have read SO many "Pickup books" that I honestly had lost all hope... They are all so "fake". Do this, do that, do this, do that. It tuns you into a robot.

I love your honesty mentality and IT IS true what you say, that it is easier to be yourself than pretending to be someone else, reciting pickup lines!

Again, the drinks are on me!

John, Chicago

My boyfriend kinda forced me to read "Man's Manifesto", and to be honest, I am glad that I did. Some part of this book were very tough to swallow as a woman, but I promised myself that I would read it as objectively as I could, and I once I finished the entire thing I realized that Damien is in fact right about a lot of things. Also, I really liked Damien's style, it made the book so much more pleasurable to read.

Melinda, New York

I wasn’t sure about buying the book, but I thought heck, the guy gives a 60 day guarantee, he must be sure of his book! I have to say, it’s been more than 60 days and all I can say is it is worth every single penny!

Gonzalo, Los Angeles

Finally a refreshing read that really stands out from all the "pick up" books with their "tricks" and memorized lines/routines/sets. MUST read for ALL MEN - regardless of age, culture, or experience.

George, Philadelphia

I was just googling some tips for attracting women as my last few dates have ended with my texts being unanswered.. next thing you know I click on some catchy ad and start reading into it. Oh great another "master pick up artist" **cough** con artist trying to sell me some e-book. Normally I'd just close the browser but it's the weekend and Im really curious, so tuck it I'll pay the 19 something bucks. Need to kill time anyways.. Man was I freakin BLOWNNN AWAYY. This guy really knows his shit and dynamics between the opposite sexes. Really changed my perspectives on my relationships with women and opened my eyes to what I denied being the truth since my childhood.

Pedro, Miami

I've been faithful to my wife since I first met her 15 years ago, so I wasn't using this book as some guide to get laid as probably everyone else does. But what I can say is it's a very interesting read - keeps you hooked, but more importantly it teaches you how to be desirable by women by becoming the best man that you can be. Ever since being recommended by one of my friends from college I can proudly say that I've become a better man since reading and more importantly added a bit of a much needed spark back to my marriage.

Francis, Michigan

I was always the "nice guy". Hurts to say it... I thought I was a "gentleman", but after reading MM I can't hide from the truth anymore. I was a nice guy and I was losing it. I wasn't close to the person I want to be. I've completed all the exercises in this book and have reread it 5 times in the last 4 months. The beginning was nerve racking, filled with me choking, feeling embarrassed, and really getting discouraged but I kept on at it. Now it has finally become fun. Approaching women, going on dates, and even texting them. It's really psychological warfare and god do I get enjoyment out of it. Damien thank you so much for all you have done! The weekly e-news update is also very cool and lots of great stuff each week.

Tyrone, Atlanta

Finally a guy who tells it how it is! Very powerful stuff in this book.

Thomas, San Francisco

At first Damien's style came off a bit too rough, aggressive, and rather intimidating. After reading a quarter into it I stopped reading it, calling BS and pretty much in denial of this philosophy. I've been courting a woman I was madly in love with for 4-5 months always hoping that she'd see my love for her and be mine. It was her 25th birthday and I surprised her with a first class trip to Las Vegas and wasted a months worth salary on the most expensive room and table at one of the hottest clubs. I was excited and she loved every part of it. Everything seemed to be going great until she started making out with some Italian asshole in front of my face who she just met! I've only gotten a kiss on the cheek after 5 months! She disappeared with the same guy shortly, phone turned off, and saw her next day late afternoon. We got in an argument and she said the phrase which changed my life - "Matt, listen, I had no idea your feelings were so strong for me and I do I really do love a friend, Matt you're my best friend and the person I trust the most". When I got back home, I took a week off work, first half being miserable, crying, complaining until my best friend called me out for being a little pu**y and to man the fu*k up. I remembered about this book. I read the entire thing in a few hours and promised myself to keep true to it for at least two months. It's been a year and I cannot thank Damien enough for paving the way for my transformation. No more Nice Guy shit. No more friend zoning ever again. Just straight honesty, and 100% confidence! Get in line, ladies, here I come...

Jeremy, Boston


Fabio , Milano

Are these guys any different from you?

No, they are not. They represent men from all walks of life: from college students to retired high-school teachers, to factory workers, brick layers, banking officials and CEOs.

Most of them had before reading Man's Manifesto, never had more than a few dates. Many of them were even virgins.

The fun part is:

All I have done is created a book that will give you a dramatic increase in the quality of your intimate life, and add a substantial number of gorgeous women to your dating list.

Sounds exciting? Just wait until you start dating some of the most beautiful women that you have ever laid your eyes on, projecting complete confidence, with jealous looks from guys around you, wishing they could switch places with you.

Just think about it...the next time you will go on a date you will have some of the best time of your life. Everyone you know will jealously wonder what your secret is. Then it's up to you whether you want to share the secret or not!

Perfect for Middle-Aged Men

Are you a middle-aged man?

When one gets older and stiffer it can be tough to get the motivation to go out on dates, let alone, get a date, especially if one finds himself in a midst of a mid-life crisis.

Look, truth be told, mid-life crisis only comes to those who are unsatisfied with the quality of their life.

Man's Manifesto will help you redefine the quality of your life.

Because it doesn't matter where you are now in life. It really doesn't. What matters is...


You can also throw away your "mastermind" memberships and private lessons from "professionals".

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So, When It Comes Down To It...
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The true value of the package that you’re getting today: ("MAN'S MANIFESTO: Your No-Bull&#! Guide For Success With Women" eBook + Mind Blowing Bonuses) is worth well over $100.00

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My girlfriend recommended I sell this package for a $300!

And... I could!

However, I got some great new for you (IF YOU ACT FAST!)

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For Less Than You Pay For A Lunch You Are Done Being Lonely

For just $19.97... you will develop the confidence of a movie star, get over your approach anxiety, become the man that you were destined to be, meet more women than you have ever before, and have them addicted to you!

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Not only are you getting the complete package for the fracture of the original cost, but I am prepared to give you the craziest guarantee that you have ever seen!

A guarantee so outrageous, that my girlfriend asked me whether I was actually sane. This is how it works:



If Man’s Manifesto doesn’t help you get more women that you have ever had, I will personally refund you every penny. I only ask that you read the book, do the simple exercises and apply the material, and revisit the book regularly for the first two months. If you still don’t see huge results by then, I will personally give you back your hard earned cash within 2 business days with no questions asked. You are never at risk!


Even Though You Have Received The Book And
Started Using It - You Still Have 2 Full Months To Decide Whether You Want To Pay For It Or Not

This means that you can read the entire book, implement its theories and actually use it during the whole sixty days without any risk whatsoever.

If you in the unlikely event decide that Man's Manifesto isn't for you, for any reason whatsoever...simply let me know and you will receive a prompt refund of every penny that you paid.

I know there will be a few people who will try to take advantage of my ”generosity” here, but I know something that they don’t…

After seeing the results Man's Manifesto gives you, most people would rather part with an arm or a leg, than this book. And therefore, I can very confidently make this guarantee.

There are men in this country that date the most beautiful women that you will ever see. It does not matter if they are 45 years and in great shape or 75 with bad breath. They are feared and envied by men (and women) everywhere.

I want YOU to be one of those people.

Just imagine how you will never again have to suffer from loneliness. While your buddies will constantly be in the "friend zone" trying to figure out what they did wrong, you'll be happy and fulfilled, enjoying a glass of wine with your date, completely unfazed by anything, or anyone.

Do exactly what over seven thousand men (and growing daily) all over the World and try this out. Meeting women will become such a habit, like brushing your teeth or getting dressed, that from now on, you will not just sit around beg to a Higher Power for them to return your calls. You will have them beg YOU to return their calls.

You will meet so many frequently that the people witnessing it will all wonder:

"How in the HECK does he do it!?"

It’s easy to order. Simply click on the green ”Get Instant Access”-button below and you will be sent to a secure order form where you will have access to MAN'S MANIFESTO: Your No-Bull&#! Guide For Success With Women eBook within seconds.

And like I said, you get a full two months to try it out…if you don’t like it, for any reason whatsoever, get back to me for a full refund.

Is it even possible to make this any simpler or more risk free for you?

To be honest, I was a bit skeptical before buying 'Man's Manifesto' because I believed that it would be a book full of sleezy PUA techniques of no real value at all! I am very glad that I gave this book a chance and realized that this is in fact not one of those books, it's more of a Bible for men! The exercises in the book are so simple and yet they have had such a profound effect that I am now looking back at the old Eric and laughing!Thank you, Damien! Really, can't thank you enough, dude! You're a true inspiration!

Los Angeles
yes let me in

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Damien Dunn

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